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PMP MadeEasy.com is inspired and follower of Project Management Institute Organization and serving PMP community to help candidates to prepare their PMP examination at the nominal cost. I would like to thank you to all my partner organizations to their support in achieving PMI Organization's goal at its best possible way. We have various options to prepare your PMP examination. New Version PMBOK Fifth edition is released and examination will start with new version from July'13.

Day of the PMP Exam

Remember the PMP facts before your Exam

Question-Oriented Tips (These points are lessons learnt from the before and during the examination)

Day before your PMP Examination, need to get some good sleep and relax yourself. This exam is 4 hours extensive and really need your concentration and patience during this exam.

Some of the questions are lengthy in reading, be aware and don’t get lost in that. You just need to remember the small paragraph of the question which is required to pick the correct answer.

Each question has only one correct answer. You need to select the most appropriate answer. Beware of choices that represent similar answers and confuse which is not relevant. Make sure to read all the options, before you select one answer. Always use Mark for Review Check Option if you have doubt in your mind to review it at the end of exam.  

You have to pick the answer from a PMI perspective, and not from your personal experience perspective. Please note PMI is trying to present an ideal environment for Project Managers that might be different from your personal experience.

Beware of the answer choices that represent generalizations, which may be characterized by words such as must, always, completely and never, these are often the incorrect choices.

Watch out for choices that represent special cases. These choices tend to be correct and are characterized by words such as sometimes, often, may, generally, and perhaps.

Final Tips before the Exam

Based on the time availability and your efforts towards the PMP preparation. It could take two to three month to prepare. Make sure you fix the date for the PMP exam ahead of time.

Questions are based on PMBOK Book, so read it thoroughly at least once.

All processes needs to be memorized

Try to practice all the Exam Sets from this software and keep trying them till you get it 80 – 90% answers correct.

Try to understand the incorrect answer or go back to the PMBOK book to understand the chapter again.

Tools and Techniques are tough to remember but make sure you review it carefully there might be 10 – 14 questions. 

Some of the easier area to score will be Time, Cost, HR, and Professional Responsibility.

Make sure you understand the Closing of the project and scenario as this is little tricky.


All the Best for your exam and I am sure you will PASS THE EXAM without any issue. enlightened